Best Pellet Grill

The Best Pellet Grill

Hand crafted here in the USA, the Kodiak sets the bar as the best pellet grill in the industry. Experience the wood fire difference that our premium pellet grills make, including hotter and more consistent temperatures, greater ease of use, and that amazing smoke flavor you expect from a Big Bear Grill.

Our high-end pellet grills come equipped with everything you need from Day 1, which means no more upsells after your purchase for the essential items that you need to get cooking. Constructed entirely of 304 stainless steel, The Kodiak is able to stand the test of time regardless of the environment you’re grilling in. Delivering world class quality at a price you can afford, The Kodiak offers over 1,000 square inches of cooking surface and extreme ease of use. Capable of delivering cooking temperatures from 160 – 500+ degrees in 5 degree increments, this beast allows you to smoke, sear, cook, grill, bake and even dehydrate!

Premium Wood Pellets: The Secret to Our Electric Wood Pellet Smoker

Big Bear Wood Fire BBQ Grill Pellets deliver unmatched flavor and optimal burn efficiency. By harvesting real trees and chipping them up into green chips, we ensure that maximum flavor is locked into each and every one of our pellets. The true flavor of all trees is found in the cambium layer of all living trees. By harvesting whole trees, rather than using saw dust or by product from a mill, we capture all of the flavor of the cambium layer and cram it directly into our pellets. This along with our “special blends” translates to Big Bold Flavors you can achieve on your Big Bear Grills!

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The Best BBQ Pellet Smokers on the Market

The Kodiak comes fully equipped with everything needed to create amazing culinary experiences of all levels. With a 40lb hopper, The Kodiak is capable of delivering 40+ hours of continuous cooking to ensure you make it through those long cooks worry free. Key features include: 100% 304 stainless steel construction for unmatched durability, over 980 square inches of cooking surface with Wifi enabled PID control and meat probe to allow you to seamlessly cook for yourself or a large party, in addition to a unique Lid assist, 700 square inch storage shelf along with folding front and side shelves, all-purpose removable side pan, utensil hooks, integrated bottle opener and much much more.

Big Bear Quality Features

This choice outdoor solution provides nothing but pure wood fire flavor for your favorite barbeque recipes.

High End Pellet Grills

You’ll love the unique flavors that come from the process of cooking with wood fire, unlocking a taste that cannot be matched with charcoal or propane.

BBQ Grill

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